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AIM Worldwide is an Educational,Training and Consulting Organization founded in 1992, dedicated to development and empowerment of mankind. One of the International leading firms specializing in Leadership, Personality and Attitudinal Development Training Workshops which add value and bring fundamental transformation in the lives of the people and organizations.

With more than 15 years of experience in providing training services to individuals and companies in Human Resources Development. Our expertise covers a wide range of organizations.

AIM's Vision
We are catalysts for personal and professional growth. Growth that leads to improved individual and team performance along with the individual and companies ability to meet its goals and objectives.

  If we need to change the "Macro" you need to start with the "Micro".We are committed to provide result oriented services that meet and exceed our program participants and clients expectations.
  Our programs are specifically designed to develop practical aptitudes and attitudes that bridge the gap between theory and reality. Training workshops are designed to meet specific needs of the client, motivating participants to overcome self imposed limitations building an attitude from  "CAN I" to "I CAN".
  By unique design, our focused programs positively challenge participants to learn, to change and to breakthrough. This transformation enables them, their teams and their organizations to achieve desired results. The results of our training is a renewed positive attitude and motivation coupled with practical skills and tools to impact personal and organization's results. We ensure continuous improvement and success through follow-up meetings and long term partnerships.
  During its history "AIM Worldwide" has proven itself to be a powerful and effective educational and training organization for both individuals and corporate.
  About the Director

AIM Worldwide is headed by Prof. Husain H.Rangwala who is the founder Director of the Institute. He is a recognized expert in HRD Training specializing in Leadership, Career and Performance Development and Internationally acclaimed as a "Success Coach" and a Counselor, listed in the International Who's Who of Professionals published from the United States of America and the Business Who's Who published from United Arab Emirates.

He has been featured in International Daily, Weekly and fortnightly publications in UK, USA, Dubai (U.A.E), Bahrain, Kuwait, Muscat (Oman), Doha (Qatar), Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Mauritius, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, India and Colombo (Sri Lanka). Prof. Husain Rangwala has been also speaking through Radio and Television networks motivating people to excel in their personal and professional life.

Prof. Husain H.Rangwala
Founder/Director A.I.M
  He is a Commerce and Management Graduate, Bachelor of Law and holds Diploma in Computers. He has done his specialization in Human Psychology. He is a member of various professional bodies, having an excellent command over English and other five languages.
  He conducts Training Seminars, Workshops and Special programs for Individuals and Organizations in 16 countries of the world. He has a rich International training experience of 15 years.
  He is currently doing research on Human Behavior and Human Psychology and is writing a book named as "DIG YOUR WELL BEFORE YOU ARE THIRSTY". A Social Worker who believes in doing lot of charity through different projects by uplifting the human life to greater heights. His current charity project at Kolhapur (India) will be completed in mid 2004
  He specializes in conducting a Training Workshop on Attitude, Leadership Skills and Personality Development called as "ACHIEVERS" which "Bridges the gap between what you are and what you could be."