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If you say "Can I" you won't, If you say "I Can" you will. If you don't try, you'll never know. Knowledge is gained by learning and challenging oneself. Nothing is gained by doing nothing. To succeed you can't run away from the mountain because it is too high, you must use your determination to fight your way up the mountain. To succeed is to know your course can be changed at your will. To succeed is to make mistakes. To succeed is to realize these mistakes are not failure. To succeed is to accept these mistakes as guidance to improve oneself. "If you believe in yourself, in your abilities, in your own will then you will succeed".

A Practical Swift and Powerful International - Attitude, Leadership Skills and Personality Development Program to become successful. Tap the dormant potential within yourself and excel in life. Put your knowledge and skills in action and develop a vibrant, challenging and blooming personality.
Work Effectiveness

Most people achieve 20% results in spending 80% efforts, however successful people put in only 20% efforts to achieve 80% results. This is called as 80/20 rule, researched and developed by Dr. Pareto, calling it as Dr. Pareto's Principle.

In this modern technologically advanced world it is not important how hard you work but it is very important how sharp you work to get the desired results. We should become wiser in knowing which are those 20% activities of life which gives 80% results. Direction is more important than speed, effectiveness is more important than efficiency.

"Achievers" Success Training System enables you to identify that 20% activities to produce 80% results and helps you balance two sides of effectiveness namely "Production" and "Production Capability".

Effective Time Management

Everybody gets only 24 hours, not a minute less or a minute more, but some people use their available time to achieve positive results and some people waste time, most of the time not knowing that they are wasting time.

Many people think, act and behave as if they are going to be staying in this world on a permanent basis, however it is not true. We all have to one day leave this world and we all have a very limited finite time to achieve what we need to.

"Achievers" Success Training System helps you to know what are your time wasters and how can you best utilize your time to achieve desired results.

Setting and Achieving Challenging Goals

Detailed survey of people has shown that many people who fail in life are those who did not set proper goals, who did not know what they wanted in life to achieve. Successful people set their goals and then strive and put efforts to achieve them. They start with the end in mind.

Everything in this world is created twice, once in your mind and second time in reality or physical world. "What ever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve".

"Achievers" Success Training System helps you to create the first creation of your goal in your mind and then puts you on path to achieve your short, medium and long term goals in life.

Interpersonal Relationships

Our Success in this modern world is not independent, but it is interdependent on other people's co-operation and support. In our childhood we are dependent , then as we grow we become independent, as we grow further to reach greater heights in life we become interdependent.

One of the most distinctive characteristics which differentiates human beings from animals is "Relationships." Animals have no problems with relationships, they don't even need counseling, however as we are becoming more advanced, more do we face the challenges of relationships.

"Achievers" Success Training System helps every participant to seek mutual benefits in all interdependent relationships, develop and maintain relations with every person in personal, work and social situations.

Stress Management

"If we loose wealth we loose something if we loose health we loose almost everything". So our health is most important and vital factor to achieve success and also to enjoy our success.

Many people use their time and energy in thinking what they "cannot do" rather than thinking what they "can do", consequently getting stressed. The moment your stress goes out of your managing limits you get into psychosomatic ailments such as headaches, migraines, insomnia, hyper tension, irritability, lack of concentration, low and high blood pressure leading to heart attacks.

"Achievers" Success Training System shows you to recognize your stress, know the causes and effects and how to manage your stress.

Effective Speaking and Communication

Research indicates only 15% to 25% of our communication is result oriented, rest is only repetition and creating mess. More effectively you are able to speak and communicate, higher the position you achieve in life.

Effective communication generates courage and confidence, and also earns you more respect and admiration from the society.

"Achievers" Success Training System helps you to develop your Communication Skills and make it effective, and helps you to become more successful in life.

Assertive Training

Don't say "Yes" when you want to say "No". Many people live their lives on other people's priorities rather than their own. They are most of the time either passive or aggressive, seldom assertive. Assertiveness is standing for your rights and communicating effectively your feelings to other people without offending them.

Passive behavior means when somebody stamps on your rights, you keep your head down and say "I am sorry." Aggressive behavior means you stamp on other people's rights and you are always dominating in your behavior. Assertiveness behavior is you take care of your own rights, have respect for other people's rights and you talk and act in a right way, without feeling guilty of what you said or what you did.

"Achievers" Success Training System helps you to become more assertive and in process gain respect from other people.

Improving Memory and Concentration

It is not that we have "good" or "bad" memory, it is either "trained" or "untrained" memory. If you really train your memory with scientific tools and techniques, your memory gives you excellent results. Your memory is far more stronger and powerful than what you think, only you need to have faith in your memory and train it.

When you start training and improving your memory your concentration also increases which in turn leads to better problem solving ability and creative thinking.

"Achievers" Success Training System helps in systematic storage of information which facilitates better retention and utilization of your brainpower for improved recall.

Self Confidence and Positive Mental Attitude

Your attitude determines your altitude. It is said "The man who wins is the man who thinks he can." It is our Confidence and Attitude which most of the time determines our destiny. You can change your life for better, the moment you change your attitude. Confidence is a Psychological steroid that boosts our power. A person without confidence is like a powerful car without spark plugs.

Many a times we react to any given situation or event, but we seldom act. Being proactive and having a positive attitude means not being reactive and having a base of values for your action, not your moods, feelings and circumstances.

"Achievers" Success Training System helps the participants to change their reactive attitude and behavior to proactive attitude and behavior, looking at life in a positive and confident way.

Think Win - Win

Think Win - Win is the attitude of seeking mutual benefits, it is one of the success keys of interpersonal leadership. You achieve effectiveness through co-operative efforts of two or more people. Win - Win thinking begins with a commitment to explore all options until a mutually satisfactory solution is reached or to make no deal at all.

In our personal and business deals we get into situations like: 1.Win - Loose  2. Loose - Win 3. Loose - Loose4.I Win - I do not bother you loose or win 5.Win - Win 6.Win - Win or no Deal.

In Win - Win you care about the success of others as well as your own. You co-operate, you solve conflicts and strive to find solutions which benefit all.

"Achievers" Success Training System helps the participants to change their attitude and behavior to look at possible and alternative solutions for any given challenges and have Win - Win solutions.

The Plus Factor

This training program which is highly participative enables the participants to think more clearly, act more decisively and feel calm and in control no matter what business and personal challenges.

It is a tool to motivate and make important changes that are needed to have business and personal success.

It shows how to let go the habitual patterns of thought, feeling and behavior that prevents a person from achieving and enjoying goals. It frees people to have a more productive and enjoyable life.

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